Loose Leaf Tea For Beginners



In the interest of the best flavour profile, ritual experience, and loving the earth & your body consciously, drinking loose leaf tea is by far the healthiest choice. If you have invested in organic tea or herbal blend, and are not quite sure about how to brew it to it's fullest potential please keep reading. 

SPACE: To brew the perfect cup of tea it's important to give the leaf enough space for the water to circulate around it. This will encourage the full flavour profile of the plant into your cup or pot for your enjoyments. Tea bags or tightly packed infusers don't usually allow for leaf to fully expand, which limits the evolutions of flavour. 

ENVIRONMENT: Most teabags contain plastics, so plastic particles seep into your lovely tea during the brewing process. Even when they are made from natural materials, they are usually held together with glue which also finds its way into your brew. If you have chosen to invest in organic tea, it's best to use a tea infuser or similar for the brewing process. This way you are not adding to horrific mountains of landfill.

ORGANIC: If you're trying to go organic, loose leaf tea is one of the best products to start with. When you brew non organic tea, you are literally steeping pesticides into a cup along with your tea. The problem with pesticides is a serious one that people all over the world have to face. These harmful substances end up in our bodies, causing long term problems.

PROCESS: Teabags are so easy to use, you just throw them in the cup and go! We live fast paced lives, we seek to cut corners wherever possible to have more time to ourselves. Here is your life hack. Brew your own tea, do it slowly, do it with objects that you love to hold, and do it thoughtfully, use it as a device to slow you down regularly. If you can transform your daily rituals into meditation like this, you will feel your life change. Listen to the water boil, choose a cup your hands enjoy, watch the water expand the plants, see the water change, smell the aroma, taste the profile, feel the cup, feel the tea in your body. To do this process at least once a day provides you with a device to hydrate, receive nutrients, meditate, care for yourself, slow down, and come back to the sensations in your body. 

I hope you find an abundance of pleasure in the use of organic loose leaf tea in your life. x

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