Tea with Lauren

Lauren Morey, Dodges Ferry, Tasmania

Images by Ella Lucy

Lauren is a smiley yet focused Hobart based entrepreneur, movement teacher, business owner & dedicated sun chaser. Her usual ritual involves arranging her life around Tasmanian Summers and Winters of travel. Covid had other plans for her this year but thankfully it meant we had the opportunity to pick her brain about self care, a subject very close to her heart. Lauren's rituals have been inspired by her relationships with communities across the world and her yoga practice which make for a particularly conscious relationship with her body and mind.

A little info about yourself, where you're from, what you do with your time?
Local Tasmanian, born on the east coast in a town called Swansea.
My time is spent between my career & passions which fortunately for me deeply intertwine, a wonderful combination of yoga, wellbeing & outdoor adventures.

What self care rituals do you currently practice?

Ooooooo, I love rituals, particularly ones with a self-care focus.

There are many haha, spread over daily, weekly, monthly, annually
Daily - Tongue Scrape, Neti, Dry Brush, Cuppa, Sage/Card Pulling, Medi/Pranayama, Movement, Nourish, Journal, Read.
Weekly- A water dip, surf or swim, Nature Soak, Healing session, massage, reiki, acupuncture, float, sauna, bath etc, facial, Study with a coach, One day without phone, One day without work, Connect with loved ones, Monthly, Reflect & Set Intentions, Overnight adventures
Annually - 6 months of travel haha - not this year, but that would usually include 1 hiking trip, 1 scuba trip, 1 cleanse, 1 yoga training, 1 new country minimum
How do you nurture yourself when things are tough?
More of the above, go slower, get quieter, observe, listen, take space, breathe, respond not react, understand nothing is permanent and the obstacle is often the path.
What has 2020 taught you?
Wow, so much. That winter in Tassie is not so bad (so far haha) first one in 14 years! That I've been chasing the sun for so long and have struggled in the past to let myself slow down beyond my idea of "slowing down". 
My lifestyle so far has prepped me for a pandemic lol, I never really knew what was coming, plans were always changing, finance was uncertain & created through my ability to apply myself. I could go on about 2020, it has been a true lesson in yoga.
Most of the below were just nice reminders of what was already instilled.
Take nothing for granted. I live in great wealth (not referring to finance solely). We are extremely blessed. Mental & physical health is everything. 
Tell us about your relationship with tea, what are you drinking lately, why have you chosen it, and what role does it play in your life, and how does it affect you?
As a non-coffee drinker, I am all about tea. I find the ritual of making & enjoying a pot or cup extremely soothing and relaxing. Tea is like this understated thread that weaves in and out of so many of my life experiences. I drink tea in the morning with my housemates, when I'm working on the computer, when I'm creating a yoga sequence, reading a book, relaxing, catching up with friends or holding space for someone who is suffering. Tea can be shared & enjoyed with a complete stranger or with your most cherished. Tea is shared over giggles & tears. I often feel like we find the answers in tea, it's like it gives us space & permission to breathe and be. Best sipped, not guzzled, therefore it asks us to go slowly, to be present.
And then the tea options, well, somewhat wonderfully overwhelming. Tea for digestion, detoxification, sleep etc ... there's a type of tea for every occasion & the healing & health benefits are incredible.
I'm pretty hooked on dandelion chai atm, great for digestion. It's caffeine free as I don't really do caffeine well at all. I must admit I am a bit of a milk (alternative milks) & honey kinda gal, so a touch of almond milk & a dash of the golden liquid & this cuppa gives me a warm & nourishing start to these winter days. Traveling to Sri Lanka and India regularly has definitely cemented my tea obsession ..... :)
What is the most valuable lesson you've learned in your life? 
Go slow & be gentle with yourself - trust that it's all unfolding as it should.
When there's a crisis - drink tea haha X

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