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What’s your favourite Tea?

Whenever I decide to do anything in life I do it based on how I’m feeling, which extends to my tea choices I guess. I drink tea based on what parts of me need to be nurtured on that particular day. Today’s favourite is TULSI & ROSE. 

Tell me about Tulsi & Rose?

TULSI & ROSE is an uplifting adaptogen. Adaptogens help you resist stressors of all kinds, they help to maintain your flow without cause for anxiety or dis-ease. There are so many big changes going on in the world around me at the moment and this blend keeps me calm, positive and connected to my purpose.


What’s your earliest memory of Tea?

My earliest memory of tea is my mum sticking her freshly grown lemongrass frond right into a cup of hot water and that was it. She laughs. It was delicious. My mother has always had an inspiring and special relationship with plants. It’s always been normal for her to be reeling off the latin names of plants and collecting pocketfuls of cuttings from all over the place to raise in her own garden. I remember as a child she would cure my illnesses, cuts and bruises with a careful selection from her herb garden.


How have your parents influenced SOKE?

The enormous garden that my parents grew at home influenced my entire life. I grew up eating straight out of a huge fruit and vegetable garden and I recognised the healing power of plants from a young age, they made me feel so energised and happy. After I left home I would often go into the bush to get similar energy back into my body because I didn’t have that garden anymore. When I couldn’t get out into the bush or if I was stuck in the city working I would drink tea. It was my instant fix if I was feeling stressed. I could just brew some leaves and sit, and focus on just that. I guess it helped me detach myself from things that didn’t really matter too much, in comparison to my wellbeing. 


What is your concept of wellbeing?

It’s cultivating a loving relationship with myself. I know I’m feeling my highest version of myself when I feel connected and loving towards everything around me, when I’m feeling in tune with the rhythm of the planet. My ritual for arriving at this space is plant infused hydration, time alone for my thoughts to pass through me, meditation spent feeling the sensations in my body, receiving conductive energy by walking, laying in the sun and having a good long chat and laugh session with my beautiful friends. In summary my concept of wellbeing is enjoying my body and the world around me without judgement, and staying hydrated. 

How does tea impact your wellbeing?

I believe hydration solves most problems in our bodies, and plant infusion heightens the healing process. I’ve created a range of blends that balance a range of moods, energy levels and even illness. I use various tea drinking rituals that help me to create space in my life to maintain focus on my relationship with myself and connectivity to the planet.


You’ve always had small business, tell us about how you arrived at SOKE?

My various businesses have evolved with me and what has been happening in my life. Photography and graphic design in various forms enabled me to learn about people's passions, relationships, etc. I spent a lot of time observing life and documenting it. I arrived at SOKE because I’ve become more interested with the relationship people have with themselves, and I’m at a point where I’m exploring my relationship with myself as deeply as possible and I want to share that process, help people feel good and more aware, the tea is my invitation towards these conversations.


Travel has influenced SOKE, tell us about why you travel? 

Travel for me is an opportunity to witness how other people live and what is important to them. Which may not be the same in my own country. So it’s the opportunity for me to expand on my values and live a bigger life. I have been particularly moved by meeting people in Nepal and Indonesia where objects are so beautifully handcrafted from raw materials, and people live simply and close to the land.


Why is it called SOKE?

It popped into my head and felt right. She laughs. Well...tea is created from plants soaking in water, furthermore I’ve always gotten a lot of joy from soaking in the bathtub, the ocean or a body of water, it’s a healing place for me. The idea of soaking in the present moment appeals to me. 

What is your design process?

I didn’t really adhere to the processes I learned at art school. My design process is dissecting the product or business into a character. I give it a personality, I write down it’s traits and the design feels resolved when I can feel that character being portrayed visually.


And with SOKE?

SOKE’s character is me.






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