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Fluer Bath



ORGANIC Rose Petals · Calendula Flowers · Chamomile Flowers · Magnesium Sulphate · Pink Himalayan Salt · Coconut Milk · Essential Sage + Cedar Oil 

Pink Himalayan + Epsom salts are high in minerals, assisting to soothe away stress + muscular aches and pains. Coconut milk + Rose, calendula & chamomile botanicals work together to calm itchy or dry skin and encourage a healthy glow that can be felt long after bath time. 

Fleur bath comes in a muslin sack for steeping in the bathtub. Empty contents from the biodegradable sealed bag into muslin sack. Fix muslin sack to faucet so that bath water pours through tea bath as it fills tub.


Draw a bath, add handful of bath soak directly to the water or within provided muslin bag. Immerse your body. Notice the sensations, temperature, floating botanicals, aromatherapy, & water sounds, as your body moves through it. Breathe deeply. Loofah your entire body thoughtfully. Trace the botanicals over your skin, focusing your mind on the wonderful things your body allows you to do. Stay here as long as you like, you might add candles, an eye pillow, incense, smudge, crystals, guided meditation or soft music to deepen your experience. When you are done, pull the plug and say "and I let it all go" 


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