Tea with Lily

Lily; a long time friend, support and inspiration. She’s easy to spot in a crowd sporting her iconic long glossy brown hair, big brown eyes, gliding effortlessly around in locally designed coastal dresses, sharing her infectiously calming and kind manner wherever she goes. I caught up with her for a cup of tea to talk about what self care looks like following the birth of her two children, and a pandemic.

Tell us a little about yourself

I’m originally from Tasmania, and currently living by the sea in Pottsville with my husband and two beautiful children. We live a pretty simple life of work, with lots of play on the beach. For the past 7 years I’ve been working for The Beach People.

What does you relationship with tea look like

I remember drinking my first cup of tea when I was in grade three with my friend, and it was quite milky with a teaspoon of sugar. Since then I only drink black and herbal teas, I’m really enjoying drinking a range of blended loose leaf herbal teas, and feel I’ve grown out of drinking tea bag tea. I’m particularly enjoying a fresh punch of ginger and honey in my cup at the moment.

*Intermission for Lilly’s little girl Elka who is singing happy birthday at the top of her lungs to go and make mum a happy birthday cupcake :)

Is there a particular reason for the teas you are choosing to drink?

I really enjoy the medicinal qualities of tea in my life, whether it be to settle my stomach or the comfort and calming effect it has on my body. I’m a big coffee drinker, I drink coffee each morning but more recently surrounding pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding I’ve been enjoying tea more often because it’s a healthier option for my babies and I.

Any daily rituals that you use to uplift your well being and life balance?

Probably my most important ritual is creating consistency in my life.  I’m a creature of habit, I wake up, have coffee, and then I have to be near the sea. This might involve a walk or purposefully taking the long way to work and driving along the coast road rather than the highway. I’m always trying something new to introduce into my daily routine, at the moment it’s collagen powder, I definitely believe that what goes into your body is the most important thing, whether it be food, tea or life experience. 

Can you describe your living space and what it means to you?

Having warmth in my home space is really important to me. Since moving to Pottsville, supporting local brands has become really important to me so I choose to furnish my house with locally made items and I also like to incorporate lots of different textures. 

The central focus in my home, especially now that we have little ones, is to create a space that feels warm, calming and inviting to all ages to enjoy. I also like it to communicate our story, although we don’t have a lot of photographs around, we’ve hung a feature image of Tasmanian wilderness by a notorious photographer and close family friend Peter Dombrovskis. We also like having greenery in the space which speaks of our love for being outside.

If you could give your younger self any advice, what would it be?

To experience as much as you can and stay open to new things. Although I had the most beautiful natural upbringing in Tasmania, growing up in Hobart felt quite sheltered. It was travelling to different countries that was the part of my life that really opened up my eyes to different cultures and ways of living. So I would tell myself to spend as much time as possible exploring, it’s a big world out there and there’s so much to learn. 

Lilly’s favourite local makers and brands:

St Agni 

Oak Meadow 

Yoli and Otis


Hope & May 

The Beach People 

The Dharma Door 


Loco love (for the best vegan chocolate, pairs so nicely with soke tea) 



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